National Book Festival to be Two-Day Event, Sept. 24-25

February 9th, 2011

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National Book Festival

This is undoubtedly good news for book lovers:

National Book Festival to be Two-Day Event, Sept. 24-25 – The Library Today (Library of Congress).

But I wonder how many of us will have the stamina to go both days, if there are specific authors we’re eager to meet.

It’s still hot and muggy in Washington in late September. ┬áLast year I was nearly the last actual media person remaining in the Media Tent when I had to leave at mid-afternoon because of the stifling heat and humidity.

I fear this will force many people, especially families, to make hard choices (James Patterson on Saturday, or Jodi Picoult on Sunday?)

How will it affect your plans?

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Martha Grimes “Fadeaway Girl”

February 7th, 2011

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The problem when you’re an author renowned for an ongoing series of mysteries is that, as Martha Grimes puts it, everything you write is marketed as a mystery, even when there is nothing in a particular book to indicate a mystery.

Martha  Grimes

That may be why some readers seem uncertain of how to respond to Grimes’ novel “Fadeaway Girl.” It is not a mystery, she says, but simply a story told through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl named Emma.

Martha  GrimesGrimes

We last read about Emma in 2005’s “Belle Ruin” – this book directly follows that one, as Emma appoints herself to investigate a 20-year-od kidnapping case that may remind you of the Lindbergh case. Emma’s effort is propelled forward by the unexpected reappearance of a key figure in the case, but her inquisitiveness doesn’t always work in her favor.

Listen to Martha Grimes

Don’t see a player here? Click on this link to listen, or right click and “Save As” to download.

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