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It all started in 1973 at a little 3,000-watt FM station in Ottawa, Illinois, with studios on the second floor above a laundromat.

Bill Thompson

In those days (back before the turn of the century), I was a disc jockey. But after someone reminded me that you need a personality to do that for a living, I switched to being a newscaster, and, ultimately, an interviewer.

I’ve worked for nearly a dozen local radio stations in several cities, including Washington, D.C., Tulsa, Providence, and Boston, as well as the erstwhile USA Today SkyRadio, and I’ve anchored the news for the Associated Press Radio Network and Voice of America.

I was also in a major motion picture once — just my voice, though, not my face. I played “Radio Voice.” Remember?

Since 1985, I have done well over nine thousand author interviews. I’m also planning to write a book based on those interviews, to be entitled Now I’ve Heard Everything.

I take great pride in my work. But I’m even prouder to be Hillary’s husband (yes, we are Washington’s other Bill and Hillary), Jennie and Krissie‘s dad, Rachel and Justin’s stepdad, and Emily and Andrew‘s Pop-Pop.

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