Giving Indie Authors Their Due

July 29th, 2011

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More than 25 years ago when I began interviewing authors for a major radio network I instituted a rule: no interviews with self-published authors.

Back then, in the ’80s. self-published, or “vanity,” books were typically badly written and poorly edited. Authors were often duped by unscrupulous “publishers” who took their money, printed a few books, and wished the author well.

But something began to change a few years ago.

Self-publishing began to take on a new respectability. Established authors began going “independent,” and large, reputable companies — including Xlibris, iUniverse, Lulu, CreateSpace, and others — made it easier for quality self-published works to make it to market.

One author has even sold a million copies of his self-published books.

And now with the explosive proliferation of ebook devices, readers’ appetites, especially for genre fiction, have exploded. Many of you hunger for new books, new authors.

Clearly the landscape has changed. So I’m changing, too.

Starting in September, I’m launching a new author-interview website, a companion to Eye on Books, exclusively featuring indie authors.

The Bookcast

The Bookcast will be unlike any other website you may have visited in search of indie authors’ books.

You’ll meet the authors, and hear them talk about their books, just like you enjoy the interviews here on Eye on Books. You’ll also get to read portions of each book, as well as find out about similar books. We’re going to make it easy for you to discover, purchase, and enjoy the works of indie authors.

What The Bookcast is NOT.

It is not a “vanity” website for indie authors. You may have seen websites that throw a long list of names or titles at you with little or no elaboration. Chances are the author paid a fee to be listed there. The Bookcast will charge no fee for an author interview.

I’ll have more to tell you in coming days about The Bookcast. For now, I invite you to visit, where you’ll find a simple way to submit your email address so we can notify you the moment the site goes live, in September.

And if you are an indie author, or know one, you’ll also find a way to contact us to request an interview invitation.

The Bookcast – coming in September.

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