Introducing Eye on Books Classic!

June 12th, 2011

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Growth is exciting, growth is rewarding and fulfilling, and growth is a source of pride.

But growth also brings new challenges, and for Eye on Books the challenge has become one of scale.   That’s why we’re launching Eye on Books Classic.

Bill at the mic

For eleven years Eye on Books has been one of the web’s premier locations for author interviews (Smart Computing has called us “the ultimate writer interview site online.”)

As Eye on Books has matured and evolved I took great pride in the fact that while you could find other websites with as many interviews as Eye on Books has, they were often interviews with authors you had never heard of; and then there were websites that had interviews with well-known authors, but not nearly as many as Eye on Books has.

You’ve Told Me What You Want

From the emails I have received from you in recent years, it had become apparent that Eye on Books was serving two separate but complementary constituencies. There are those who want to hear the very latest interviews with the authors of the very newest books, and those who like to go back and listen to a favorite author who was interviewed six or eight or ten years ago.

And visitors began to tell me they felt a bit overwhelmed. There was actually too much good stuff on Eye on Books.

A Fortunate Happenstance

While I was pondering how to accomodate both listenerships, a bit of serendipity happened.

A technical issue arose with my web hosting company which required me to, essentially, rebuild the entire website on a new server. I decided to seize the opportunity to turn one site into two. I rebuilt Eye on Books, but only stocked it with interviews going back to about mid-2006.  Bill interviews Brad Meltzer

My older interviews, nearly two thousand of them, now reside in a new “spinoff” site, “Eye on Books Classic.”

I’ve spent months carefully building out the two sites to fulfill the original ideal of “separate but complementary.”

It’s Two .. Two .. Two Websites in One

If you like the newest interviews, with authors of the latest books, Eye on Books continues to be your place.

If the archives are what appeal to you, Eye on Books Classic is your destination.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide – it’s easy to move back and forth between them.Eye on Books Classic logo

Oh, and about the logo. I recently adopted a new one for Eye on Books — my first new logo in the site’s eleven-year history — but the old one lives on, as the official logo of Eye on Books Classic.

Please write and tell me what you think of the new Eye on Books Classic!

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