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August 13th, 2011

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As you may know I’m launching a new website in September — The Bookcast — to feature interviews with indie authors (those formerly called “self-published” authors).

I have scarcely put out the word — just a couple of posts here at Eye on Books — and a couple of mentions on Facebook and Twitter. But already the indie authors are coming out in force.

The Bookcast

I see it as confirmation of how challenging it can be to get attention if you’re an indie author. Any new venue of publicity is seen as a good thing.

What I don’t have yet is a similar outpouring of interest from readers. And since The Bookcast is going to be a site aimed at readers, this means I have some work to do.

Will you help me?

Go to www.TheBookcast.com and just give me your email address, so I can notify you when the site goes live. You won’t be spammed, your name won’t be sold, and you do not have to opt into The Bookcast newsletter I’m planning.

You’re going to like The Bookcast, which will give you a whole new way of discovering indie authors. These are not “vanity” books, and The Bookcast is not a “vanity” website. The focus is on your experience as a reader, not on writers talking among themselves.

Come be part of The Bookcast experience!

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