Putting a New Face on Eye on Books

June 5th, 2011

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Did you notice what’s different about Eye on Books?

For the first time in its 11-year history Eye on Books has a new logo.   

It occurred to me recently that the logo I’ve been using since 2000 had become a bit dated. It was, after all, a caricature of .. well, me, and I look different now than I did when award-winning cartoonist Jack Ohman drew it for me in 1986. My hair is thinner, my beard thicker, and my glasses smaller and less Harry Caray-like.

But when your picture is your logo, it’s hard to change it, even if it’s for the better. It had become part of my online identity, seen by thousands every day all over the world for the past eleven years.

So I decided not to retire it completely. I’ll be announcing a new Eye on Books initiative this week in which the old familiar logo will reside. Stay tuned…

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