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Why can’t I find the author I was looking for?

Last updated Jan 15, 2011

There may be several reasons:

  1. We reorganized and rebuilt Eye on Books in November 2010, and many of our older (pre-2006) interviews have been moved.

    Some Eye on Books visitors told us they were overwhelmed, that there was actually too much good content to easily navigate. We are now moving our older interviews to a soon-to-be announced Eye on Books “spinoff” website.
  2. Eye On Books has not yet interviewed that author.

    Bill Thompson interviews some 300-400 authors every year — he’s done well over 9,000 interviews since 1985 — but he can’t interview everyone. If your favorite author isn’t here, a href=”/contact”>contact us to ask if an interview is planned, or to suggest an author to interview. (If you are an author, suggest yourself!)
  3. It’s a self-published book.

    For a variety of reasons, Eye on Books does not interview the authors of self-published, on-demand, or “vanity” books.
  4. Did you misspell something?

    Did you look for “A.S. Biatt” instead of “A.S. Byatt”? Or “Alan First” instead of “Alan Furst”?

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