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interviews on Eye on Books:

The Fourteenth Day

There may be older interviews at Eye on Books Classic


David Coleman is an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia and Chair of the Presidential Recordings Program at the Miller Center of Public Affairs, where he specializes on the Kennedy and Johnson recordings. He teaches courses on American political history, Cold War history, and nuclear history. He joined the University of Virginia in 1999 after completing his doctoral work at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Coleman has published widely on U.S. politics, nuclear strategy, and the Cold War. His most recent book is Real-World Nuclear Deterrence: The Making of International Strategy (2006), co-authored with Joseph M. Siracusa. His articles have appeared in The Journal of Cold War Studies, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and the Australian Journal of International Affairs. He has been interviewed by, appeared on, or been quoted by many media outlets, including NPR, Time Magazine, the History Channel, the New York Times, the Washington Post, BBC Radio, Reuters TV, and C-Span’s Washington Journal.

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