Diplomat Who Wrote Book About Iraq is Being Fired

March 15th, 2012

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Peter Van Buren

Career diplomat Peter Van Buren‘s career appears to be over, unless he can successfully contest the State Department’s move to fire him.

The Washington Post reports that the bosses at Foggy Bottom have come up with a list of eight charges, including linking to Wikileaks on his blog, and disclosure of classified informration.

Van Buren is acidly critical of U.S. rebuilding efforts in Iraq in his book “We Meant Well.”

No one that I worked with said, Ha ha ha, I’m pocketing all this money for nothing. Everyone thought, let’s try to do the right thing here. The problem was, when you’re doing something as big as rebuilding an entire country, replicating the Marshall Plan, good intentions are simply not enough.

Van Buren told the Post he intends to fight his dismissal.

Click here to listen to our 2011 interview with Peter Van Buren on his book “We Meant Well.”

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