The Self-Publishing Boom

July 30th, 2011

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Have you read an indie author recently?

There is no question that one of the tectonic changes taking place in American book publishing is the purposeful move by many authors away from traditional publishing houses to the “indie” or self-published route.

As Alina Tugend writes in the New York Times, “self-publishing is obviously taking off…”

Tugend admits to being quite a snob when it comes to her literary taste, but then having a revelation:

(A)s one friend and then another chose to pay to publish their own books — people I admire and respect — and as the author Amanda Hocking became the superstar example of successful self-publishing, I realized I had been too hasty. The phenomenon was worth a second look.

Large and growing numbers of readers agree with Tugend that indie books are, indeed, “worth a second look.”

But how do you find out about indie authors and their books? One answer, after the jump ….

Indie Authors, Readers Play “Marco” .. “Polo” ..

The biggest challenge for indie authors, and the readers who want to read them, is finding each other.

Indie novelist Susan G. Bell is featured in the Times article. Her experience sounds typical:

Ms. Bell is not sorry she went the self-publishing route, but like so many authors (and yes, even those who are traditionally published) she found book promotion much tougher than she thought it would be.

I’ve been researching self-publishing in advance of launching my new website The Bookcast. Indie authors almost uniformly told me how nearly-impossible it is to get anyone in the mainstream media to pay attention to their books and get word out to readers hungry for them.

Reader, meet author. Author, meet reader.

Starting in September, The Bookcast will feature indie authors – interviews, book excerpts, your reviews, and much more.

If you’ve gone searching on the web for indie authors you know how hit-or-miss it can be. You may find a long list of authors but no clue what any has written, or a haphazard collection of titles with no way to sample any of them.

The Bookcast is going to be a reader-oriented site, a vibrant and dynamic salon where indie authors can tell you about their books, show you a sample of them, tell you a little about themselves, and help you quickly and easily make a purchase.

I hope you’ll visit The Bookcast and see what you didn’t even know you were missing.



The New York Times “Options for Self-Publishing Proliferate, Easing the Bar to Entry”

The Bookcast

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