What Brad Meltzer Is Most Proud of Writing

March 18th, 2011

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Brad Meltzer‘s father died a couple of weeks ago.

My first memory of my father is him coming home from work when I was little. He’d pick me up and put me on the top of the refrigerator, my little feet dangling over the freezer door. And in that moment, I realize he had the two things he loved most in life together in the exact same space: his family and food.

That’s from the eulogy that Brad wrote and delivered at Stewie Meltzer’s funeral. Brad calls it “Fighting the Lightning: A Eulogy for Stewart Meltzer,” and said on his Facebook page, “This may be the thing I’m most proud of writing.”

With each new New York Times bestseller that Brad wrote, his dad would turn it into a T-shirt or a hat, telling everyone he met that “Brad Meltzer is my favorite author.”

The truth was, I was his only author. He read eight novels in his life: The Tenth Justice…Dead Even…only the ones I wrote. I’m not making that up. Like my sister said, all he cared about was us. And no one sold us better than my Dad.

Like Stewie Meltzer, I’m a son, a father, now a grandfather. And I still can’t get through Brad’s eulogy without crying.

I know that any strength or confidence I have comes from that love my father⎯and mother⎯built as a foundation in me. I know that that love will never recede, especially when he said to me, a few years ago when things weren’t going well, the words that I repeat to myself every day: “You’re still our little boy.”

Read Brad’s “Fighting the Lightning: A Eulogy for Stewart Meltzer” and see if you can.

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6 Responses

  1. Shereen Pomponio says:

    Hello, God bless you and your family through your sorrow and your happiness too. I am sorry for your loss. My father was Italian my mom German her parents came to America during the outbreak of WWII. My father was a very hard person. He boxed when he was young all my uncles did. My father’s father was even harder a man who raised 7 children during the great stock market fall and prohibition. Your father was stronger than my father. You father was able to show you he loved you.
    I came across this site after watching discover channel about Fort Knox Yup It Is close to empty If not completely empty. I have to say I thought I was the only one who believed these things were going on.
    What we need are a lot of strong people like you that have a clear picture of what Is happening. I tell all I meet but they can not believe anything will ever happen because they are used to the way things are.
    It Is going to get very ugly and dark for quite some time.
    Feel free to contact me If you like.

    Sincerely Shereen:)

  2. Joseph says:

    Love is the only thing that matters; while Time itself maybe an illusion, Love transcends it and is truth……

  3. Jeffrey says:

    keep up the good work your tv show the best people need to know the truth: Sorry for your loss.

  4. RaeLynn Bielki says:

    You were his only Author, because you are the story and legacy in the life he was blessed to create. He has done a fine job and he continues on in peace, comfort and joy. God Bless.

  5. brad IM so so so sorry for your loss .he sound,s like he was a net dad so IM sorry for your loss .keep up the good work on your TV show .is there going to be more. IM so so so sorry.

  6. Edward Henry says:

    Brad I’m sorry about the loss of your father.I wanted to take this opritunity to thank you for your truthfullness and to ask you to keep up the good work keep us informed


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