Alexander Yates “Moondogs”

April 19th, 2011

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Some strange things are going on in the Philippines, in the debut novel by Alexander Yates called “Moondogs.” Benicio Bridgewater is a young man who’s out to reconcile with his long-absent father, a businessman currently based in Manila. When Benicio arrives at the airport, his father is nowhere to be seen — what Benicio doesn’t immediately realize is that his father is a kidnapping victim. The kidnapper is a dull-witted cab driver who hopes to sell Benicio’s father to Muslim extremists.

Alexander  Yates

But there is so much more to Yates’ story than something so mundane — and even comical — as a kidnapping that interrupts a family reunion, as Yates blends supernatural elements, romance, and violence to create a literary goulash that’s winning widespread praise.

Alexander  YatesYates

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