Annie Jacobsen “Area 51″

May 19th, 2011

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Just saying the name is intriguing — Area 51, the fabled patch of southern Nevada desert where, for over half a century, the U.S. has carried out its most top-secret military research and experiments.

Officially, to this day, Area 51 doesn’t exist. so, much of what circulates as fact about it is actually educated conjecture, conspiracy theory, or outright disinformation. Investigative reporter Annie Jacobsen cuts through all of that in her meticulously-sourced new book called, appropriately enough, “Area 51.”

Annie  JacobsenJacobsen

Using access to newly-declassified documents as a starting point, Jacobsen then found and interviewed dozens of men — they’re almost all men in this story — who had firsthand knowledge of some of the most jaw-dropping events at Area 51.And don’t miss Jacobsen’s last chapter. She offers an explanation for the Roswell UFO incident that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

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4 Responses

  1. James Musclehulk says:

    Someone should speak with Prof. Richard Muller, one of the top astro-physicists in the country at Berkeley. He has given lectures on the Roswell, New Mexico Alien Crash. His friend was working on the government project there.

    The so called Roswell New Mexico Alien crash in about 1947 had to do with a secret government project to spy on Russian Nuclear Weapon’s explosions. It was a bunch of sensitive listening microphones attached to a high altitude balloon. At a certain altitude it was discovered sound can be picked up from thousands of miles away through the science of a sound channel. We didn’t have any aircraft then that could fly that high. When the balloon crashed no one knew what the disks were and the local papers first reported them as flying saucers. The government then covered it up causing people’s imaginations to run wild. Later, it was discovered that the name of this secret enterprise was called Project Mogul which can be found at the following Web site:

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