Chris Riddell “Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Night Wolf”

September 10th, 2008

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Across the rooftops of a city that looks suspiciously like Victorian London scampers a lad named Barnaby. Barnaby Grimes, a “tick-tock lad” — a delivery boy — with a knack for finding trouble.

Chris  RiddellRiddell

And he’s found plenty of it in the debut book in a new series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, the writer and illustrator who gave us “The Edge Chronicles” and “Far-Flung Adventures.” Their book is called “Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Night Wolf.”

Listen to Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart

Don’t see a player here? Click on this link to listen, or right click and “Save As” to download.

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