Deepak Chopra “The Third Jesus”

February 23rd, 2008

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Deepak  ChopraChopra

To understand who Jesus is, says spiritual leader Deepak Chopra, it’s necessary to realize He is three people. There is the historical Jesus, the carpenter who became a teacher and was executed on the cross.

Deepak  Chopra

Then there is the Jesus that has been created by two thousand years of theology, doctrine, dogma, and sacrament, the institutional religious Jesus. But the subject of Chopra’s book “The Third Jesus” is a spiritual guide, who shows all of humanity the path to God-consciousness.

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One Response

  1. Until this morning, I knew nothing about Deeppak Chopra. The soothing music, which occurred quite by accident, played on my computer throughout the night as I alternated between sleep and a semi-conscious state. Being curious and a romantic, after awakening, I listened to the soundtracks on Love and Desire, and was drawn to them as well. All this was, and is, good, even great! Little did I know that I was knocking on the door called “life changing”, that my very soul was about to be touched in a profound way. Again, I was somehow led, led to listen to the “Third Jesus”, and believe me, the word “grateful” is inadequate. For the words described exactly the way I have felt for quite some time now. Until now, the only way I could describe my feelings to others was to say that religions throughout the world seem to have drifted away from their roots of fundamental truth and love. Simply put, religions” without spirituality” seem to be evolving and, as such, are divisive and self-indulgent. Many organizations and individuals have their religion, but lack spirituality. Thus, I found myself in total agreement, not only with the words, but with the sense of direction described by Deepak Chopra. It is a fundamental message that the world needs to hear, and, I hope, hungers for. This was my morning, truly the beginning of a new day. Thank you, Leon

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