Ian Rankin “The Complaints”

April 15th, 2011

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Ian  Rankin

After a long and successful run with Detective Inspector John Rebus, bestselling mystery writer Ian Rankin has created a new protagonist who is, in many ways, the anti-Rebus. (Or is he?)

Ian  RankinRankin

Malcolm Fox works in “Complaints and Conduct,” the Scottish equivalent of Internal Affairs. His job is to sniff out the bad apples. In Rankin’s book “The Complaints” Fox is tasked with shadowing a cop who’s also a suspected child-pornographer. But he’s also managed to insinuate himself into a murder case — in which he may be a suspect.

Listen to Ian Rankin

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2 Responses

  1. Lehua Wells says:

    I’m glad you added “(Or is he?)” because Complaints is utterly Rebus, with the reader left to fill in the interval and reach the continuity. And I’m so grateful. I look forward in hope that he will regain his sense of humor after the miseries and changes he’s suffered.

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