Reza Kahlili “A Time to Betray”

July 10th, 2010

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We’ll tell you at the outset that Reza Kahlili is not his real name. He’s a native of Iran, who grew up in pre-revolutionary Tehran with a close-knit family. After the 1979 rise to power of Ayatollah Khomeini, Kahlili joined the Revolutionary Guards, envisioning a road to a Persian renaissance.

Reza KahliliKahlili

The tyranny of the Khomeini regime left him shaken and disillusioned, and that’s when Kahlili became a spy for the CIA. His book is called “A Time to Betray.”

Listen to Reza Kahlili

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    • Charl says:

      This is way more helpful than annyhitg else I’ve looked at.

    • Not sure whether this question Friday feature is a permanent one or not, but if it is, I'm wondering if you or any of your experts have any tips for parents with both typically-developing children and children with special needs. Particularly, I'm wondering to best support my daughters (who have very different abilities) in having a meaningful and equal sibling relationship.

    • Oh my gosh, these are the best “locked out” stories ever!!!! (Sorry to grin – I know they were all frustrating moments!!) But it seems like such a unifying experience, doesn’t it? And to those who have NOT locked themselves out, I’m guessing they just haven’t had it happen YET. Many thanks for all the wonderful comments and cheers for UNDER FIRE! I’ve got to be the luckiest author on the planet to have such fun, supportive readers. Thank you!!! And thank you, Lisa Renee, for featuring my book today. I truly appreciate it! XXOO!

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