Shaun Tomson “The Code”

September 12th, 2013

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What can one of the world’s greatest surfers teach us about faith, courage, creativity, and determination?


A number of years ago the legendary Shaun Tomson came up with a set of simple lessons about life that he called The Surfer’s Code, a series of promises-to-yourself that each began with, “I will…..”

And when a classroom full of children inspired him with their own “I will…” statements, Tomson knew he had something big.

Now he shows how to convert the power of “I will…” into a life-changing mantra, in his new book “The Code.”

Shaun  TomsonTomson

Listen to Shaun Tomson

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Don’t see a player here? Click on this link to listen, or right click and “Save As” to download.

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