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Fatal Faultlines

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Irfan Husain was born in Amritsar, India, in 1944 and migrated with his family to the newly created state of Pakistan three years later. Educated in Karachi, Paris and Ankara, he joined the civil service in 1967 after obtaining a Masterís degree in economics.

He has also pursued a career as a freelance journalist for most of his working life, writing under a succession of pseudonyms. As Mazdak, he became a popular columnist on the Internet edition of Dawn, a newspaper he has been writing for over the last two decades. A friend described the cover as ĎPakistanís worst-kept secretí.

Although he has written about a wide range of subjects, Irfan Husainís articles contain common strands of secular, liberal and democratic thought. During periods when even the word secularism was excised from articles by editors working under the tight censorship of government, Irfan kept getting his message across by expressing it between the lines.

Irfan travels extensively both for pleasure and work. His extensive travels and contacts with politicians, journalists and other key players in Muslim countries as well his family ties and contacts in the countries like the United Kingdom and the United States have given him a keen insight into the perpective people of different regions have on many of the key issues facing us today.

Since 2002, he divides his time between the UK, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. His wife is a writer as well, and he has a son who is an IT entrepreneur in Karachi (as well as a a columnist), two grandsons, and four lovely stepdaughters.

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