Sara Paretsky “Critical Mass”

January 20th, 2014

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Sara  ParetskyParetsky

An unwelcome figure from Dr. Lotty Herschel’s past resurfaces in Sara Paretsky‘s latest novel “Critical Mass.” Paretsky’s popular private eye V.I. Warshawski steps in to help her closest friend.

Sara  Paretsky

As Vic discovers, Lotty lost most of her family in the Holocaust, but she escaped to London in 1939 with a childhood playmate, Kitty Binder. Now Kitty’s daughter is in danger — and so is her grandson.

But their troubles turn out to be just the beginning, as Vic uncovers a viper’s nest of lies, secrets, and silence, whose origins go back to the mad competition among America, Germany, Japan and England to develop the first atomic bomb.

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Kim Holmes “Rebound”

January 14th, 2014

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Many Americans worry that their country is in decline. They fear that the economy, and our culture itself, are in deep crisis.

And many people are frustrated that the “ruling classes” are unable to fix America’s problems.

Kim  HolmesHolmes

Now, Heritage Foundation distinguished fellow, and former Assistant U.S. Secretary of State, Kim Holmes taps into these concerns, taking a fresh look at how and why America has drifted away from the principles and practices that once made it the world’s greatest nation.

His book “Rebound” is an optimistic call to America to reconnect with its historical DNA, the ingredients of its greatness.

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Terrell Tannen “When Blood is Gone”

January 7th, 2014

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Family. Love them, hate them, adored or ignored, our families leave an indelible mark on who we are.

Now director and screenwriter Terrell Tannen brings his family to life in a memoir he calls “When Blood is Gone.”

Terrell  TannenTannen

Tannen, the son of an intelligence officer and a military nurse, has had great adventures, the kind Hollywood screenwriters love to tell in the movies – except that these are true.

But the greatest adventure in Tannen’s memoir is family life and death.

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James Dashner “The Eye of Minds”

January 6th, 2014

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Imagine a world of hyperadvanced technology, cyberterrorists, and gaming beyond your wildest dreams -and your worst nightmares – and you have the world created by James Dashner, author of the bestselling “Maze Runner” series, in the debut volume of his new Mortality Doctrine series.

“The Eye of Minds” introduces us to Michael, a gamer, a young man who almost spends more time on the VirtNet than in the actual world.

James  DashnerDashner

And Michael has been recruited – drafted, really – by the government to track down a hacker who has turned the VirtNet into a seriously deadly place.

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Michael Daniels “Names, Numbers, and Network Solutions”

January 3rd, 2014

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It seems incredible to think about today, but in 1992 only six companies bid on a contract for the exclusive right to sell internet domain names – like .com, .org, .net – to the entire world. A small Virginia company called Network Solutions won the contract.

At first, a single computer with a two-gigabyte hard drive stored the entire world’s internet domain information.

Michael Daniels was chairman of Network Solutions, steering it to prominence in the earliest days of the internet, and ultimately he was instrumental in the sale of Network Solutions to VeriSign for $19.3 billion.

Michael DanielsDaniels

Now Daniels and co-author J. Robert Beyster tell the story of those wild west, pioneereing days of the web, in a book called “Names, Numbers, and Network Solutions.”

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