Brian “Head” Welch “Save Me From Myself”

July 15th, 2007

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Brian "Head" WelchWelch

Brian Welch lived the dream of millions. He was a bona fide rock star. As one of the founding members of the controversial nu metal band Korn, Welch — known since childhood by the nickname “Head” — had the life he had always dreamed of, too. The band sold millions of albums. They toured to sold-out venues. They were making a ton of money.

Brian "Head" Welch

And Head was sinking further and further into an abyss of drug and alcohol abuse, until one day when he realized what his lifestyle was doing to his young daughter. That’s when he turned things around, and decided to leave the band — and became a born-again Christian. His new book is called “Save Me From Myself.”

Listen to Brian “Head” Welch

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