Steve Berry “The Columbus Affair”

November 2nd, 2012

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Think about what you know about Christopher Columbus.

Yeah, beyond the little rhyme about “14 hundred and 92 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” not much is known for sure about the man credited with “discovering” the New World.

Steve  Berry

Bet you didn’t know Columbus may have been Jewish.

Steve Berry‘s new thriller “The Columbus Affair” starts with that, layers on lots of history, a little creative speculation, and a modern-day story overlaid on it all, to create a hurricane-of-history that will blow apart anything you thought you knew about Christopher Columbus.

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Laurence Bergreen “Columbus: The Four Voyages”

October 7th, 2011

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Laurence  Bergreen

“In fourteen hundred and 92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue …”That little refrain is just about the extent of what many folks know about the man we honor with a national holiday.

Laurence  BergreenBergreen

When acclaimed biographer Laurence Bergreen started researching his new biography “Columbus: The Four Voyages,” he was startled at the reaction of some friends who said, “Four voyages? He made four?” Bergreen has carefully researched the decade-long Columbus exploration of the New World — actually the Caribbean, a little bit of South America, a brush with Central America — to tell the story of this man who was a brilliant sailor but an inept, cruel, and megalomaniacal governor.

Listen to Laurence Bergreen

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