Alastair Smith & Bruce Bueno de Mesquita “The Dictator’s Handbook”

October 6th, 2011

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Dictators HandbookSmith

Politicians do whatever they have to do to stay in power. Does that sound too cynical? Or is it just being real? Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith have spent nearly two decades studying political and business leaders, all over the world, in democracies, autocracies, dictatorships – and they conclude, cynically or otherwise, that leaders do whatever keeps them in power. And they don’t really care about the ‚Äúnational interest” unless it helps them. Doesn’t matter if it’s the elected president of a large democracy, or the military strongman who seizes power in some third-world country, or the little despot who takes over the PTA. The principles are the same, they say, in their book “The Dictator’s Handbook.”

Listen to Alastair Smith & Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

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