Michael Daniels “Names, Numbers, and Network Solutions”

January 3rd, 2014

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It seems incredible to think about today, but in 1992 only six companies bid on a contract for the exclusive right to sell internet domain names – like .com, .org, .net – to the entire world. A small Virginia company called Network Solutions won the contract.

At first, a single computer with a two-gigabyte hard drive stored the entire world’s internet domain information.

Michael Daniels was chairman of Network Solutions, steering it to prominence in the earliest days of the internet, and ultimately he was instrumental in the sale of Network Solutions to VeriSign for $19.3 billion.

Michael DanielsDaniels

Now Daniels and co-author J. Robert Beyster tell the story of those wild west, pioneereing days of the web, in a book called “Names, Numbers, and Network Solutions.”

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