Michael Prell “Underdogma”

February 17th, 2011

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Michael  PrellPrell

Everyone loves an underog. Ever since David slew Goliath, we have rooted for the little guy who takes on the stronger, more powerful, or more dominant opponent. But sometime, a generation or two ago, Americans’ attitude about the underdog underwent a strange metamorphosis, says political consultant and human rights activist Michael Prell. We began to see any underdog as inherently good, because they have no power, and any side with power — the United States, for example — as inherently evil, just because they have the power.

Michael  Prell

In his book “Underdogna,” Prell demonstrates how that mutated definition of the power balance now threatens the bedrock of American philosophy, the notion that we are an exceptional nation. Our enemies, he says, are all too happy to help propagate the new “underdogma” that focuses world rage on America.

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