Natalie Wexler “The Mother Daughter Show”

December 1st, 2011

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Natalie  Wexler

An exclusive private prep school in Washington, D.C. holds an annual spring musical revue for mothers and their graduating daughters. So what could possibly go wrong, right?

Natalie  WexlerWexler

Well … in Natalie Wexler‘s comic novel “The Mother Daughter Show” there’s plenty of opportunity for mistakes, miscues, and misunderstandings as the show draws near. Wexler is a mom, whose own kids happened to attend an exclusive private prep school in Washington, D.C. that you may have heard of, because Sidwell Friends is the school the Obama girls attend. But Wexler’s Barton Friends school, and all of its moms and daughters, are pure fiction. She says.

Listen to Natalie Wexler

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Borders Bankrupt, Many Stores to Close

February 16th, 2011

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No one didn’t see this coming. Borders Group Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. About one third of the chain’s stores will close. (Is your local store going to close? Check the list.)

The company says is still very much in business. They’ve set up a separate website ( to guide customers, creditors, and suppliers about what to expect now.

Much has already been written about the “why” of the Borders failure by journalists far more knowledgeable than I about the business side of bookselling, so I won’t rehash all of that here. Just Google it and you’ll find all the analyses — and obituaries — you want.

Continue to the interview > > >

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