Chris Jericho “Undisputed”

February 19th, 2011

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Chris Jericho

Can I say it? Will I ruin Chris Jericho‘s pro wrestling persona if I tell you what a nice guy he really is? Jericho has been called WWE’s resident bad guy. He’s also been called the first undisputed world champion in the history of the wrestling business, and many say Jericho is one of the best pro wrestlers in history.

But it wasn’t always so clear that Jericho would have that kind of success. His book “Undisputed” tells of how difficult his transition to the WWE often was – his clashes with Vince McMahon, his sometimes-inept efforts to fit into a new culture, and something he calls “the Jericho curse.”

Chris JerichoJericho

There’s also pain and loss: the deaths of his mother and close friends in wrestling, and eventually a realization of his own limitations. But — can I say it? — this is a heck of a fun read. And a foreword by his pal Mick Foley.

Listen to Chris Jericho

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